Nice to meet you!

I have spent my last 30 years working with dogs which started dog training and learning animal behaviour and then I moved towards pet physiotherapy.

Personal Development Path and Qualifications

  • Dog Physiotherapist

  • Canine Myotherapist

  • Dog First Aider

  • Dog Trainer and Dog Handler

  • Dog Behaviourist

  • Reiki Master and Animal Reiki Diploma

  • Thai Masseuse Cert

  • Other Personal Development including Enneagram, Face Analysis

  • BSc Economic Engineer, Accountant and Tax Assistant


As a dog trainer I initially worked for one of the biggest county dog schools and dealt with groups, then in later years I formed my own school. I tried various dog sports with my own dogs and worked in the early socialization of police dogs for more than 3 years. I loved it and wanted to learn more about these lovely animals. When the first Pet Physiotherapy course started in Hungary it was never a doubt for me, I had join and complete the course. It was based on the highly successful German method and launched at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest, Hungary.

After a few years in practice, I began to focus on sport dogs and pioneered methods and a training course for their owners to teach evidence based techniques to support their dogs` active sport life. This enabled us to provide a useful guide for sport dog owners to help them understand anatomy, the importance of massage, warm-up and cool-down procedures and stretching of their dog which extended the activity and healthiness of the sporting lives of their dogs.

For more than ten years I have actively cooperated with Orthopedist Vets with the rehabilitation of dogs suffering from sports injuries in my own Petra Therapy practice. Since moving to the UK I have continued my passion to improve dogs` well-being.

Some of my clients qualified to the European and World Championships sports competitions in varying sports in various countries (IPO, Agility, Trial Dog- Herding, Field Trials- Gundogs, Coursing).

My aim is to promote good mental and physical health in dogs and educate their owners