Massage therapy

Massage is known as a holistic treatment because it has a comprehensive effect on the whole body. I believe that touch is one of the greatest gifts people can share. Massage has a lot of benefits for dogs that we can call as essential part of their health care.


Before or after an orthopedic

operation it is an essential part

of the rehabilitation


Stimulates the nervous system, supports complex issues (Dysplasia, OCD, Spondylosis, CEC, Arthritis)


Assists muscular balance and mobility, reduces the risk of injuries.

£30 per session/45 mins


What is it good for?

  • You have an older dog who shows signs of discomfort

  • Your dog is diagnosed with arthritis

  • Post injury, trauma

  • Sign of a possible muscular problem

  • Your dog has nervous system issues

Massage improves mobility and muscle tone.

Massage reduces anxiety and stress.